Witnesses Asked to Come Forward for May Hit-and-Run Crash in Windsor

stock image of a Canadian police car lightsToday, Greg Monforton & Partners issued a press release asking witnesses to come forward to help clarify events leading up to a hit-and-run crash. The incident, which involved the driver of a motor vehicle and a rollerblader, occurred on Parent Avenue in Windsor near the end of last month.

The victim, 26-year-old rollerblader, Hussein Jaber, was struck twice by the same vehicle at or around 8:00 p.m. on May 20, 2024. The incident, which happened between Chatham Street East and University Avenue East, in the 200 block of Parent Avenue, caused the victim to suffer several injuries.

In addition to multiple injuries to his neck, arms, hip and pelvis, Jaber also suffered a severe traumatic head injury.

The suspect in this incident fled the scene after striking the victim twice. Police caught the suspect, who is now in custody and facing multiple charges.

Asking Witnesses To Come Forward With Information

Greg Monforton, lawyer for the victim, says some witnesses have already come forward with helpful information. However, they are asking others to come forward to help clarify the events of the incident.

If you have information that would be helpful to this case, we ask that you contact the firm directly at: 519-258-6490