Windsor Woman Suffers Serious Injuries during Accident Abroad

Galina Nedeltcheva, a Windsor resident, remains in intensive care after being involved in an accident nearly halfway across the world. On June 23, she was involved in a rollover accident in the seaside city of Varna in Bulgaria. She was hit from the passengers side and was trapped underneath the car when it rolled over.

Nedeltcheva left for Bulgaria on June 21 and was there to help her parents put a new roof on their home. Doctors told the family that Nedeltcheva had suffered a punctured lung, broken shoulder and hip and that her chest had collapsed. Shes responsive now, but is scheduled for further operations.

The family is raising funds to cover the costs of the operations and will host a fundraising event at the Walkerville Brewery on July 12. The family is especially worried about the cost of medical expenses as Nedeltcheva does not have insurance; her next surgery is expected to cost more than $4,000. Additionally, the family is unsure of how and when they’ll be able to bring her back home as she continues the rehabilitation process.

The family has set up a donation page which can be found on Facebook.

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident while abroad can be a scary situation, many individuals are unsure of what their legal rights are since they are away from home. Although victims may be eligible to make a claim through their vehicle insurer or, if they were a passenger, the drivers insurer, they may also be entitled to file a lawsuit for damages.

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