Greg Monforton Asked By Law Times To Weigh In On Proposed Distracted Driving Legislation

greg monfortonFollowing the February 2014 decision to increase distracted driving fines in Ontario which took effect on March 18th the Ontario government is now proposing new legislation that targets all mobile device users while also introducing new rules to include pedestrians, cyclists and other commercial vehicle operators.

While driver education had been the primary tool used by the Government to inform motorists of the dangers of distracted driving, the new proposal also aims to further increase the current distracted driving fines from the recently approved range of $60 to $500, all the way up to a maximum fine of $1,000.

Our very own Greg Monforton was asked to weigh in on the proposal by the highly respected “Law Times” magazine and was quoted as saying:

“It’s not every day I agree with the measures taken by Queen’s Park in the conversation between motor vehicle drivers and injured parties…. But I am 100 per cent behind this initiative. It will save lives.”

While discussing this hot issue further, Mr. Monforton added:

“Not a week goes by when we are not consulted by a seriously injured person or a loved one of someone who has lost their life because of it. It is particularly tragic because all these collisions are needless and preventable…. They are very serious collisions with very serious injuries, not just fender benders…. We see orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, all needless. It would be one thing if the only person at risk was the driver, but it also affects passengers and anyone in the vicinity. It is profoundly ill advised.”

With this in mind, despite many Ontario motorists being in support of these increases, their is still doubt in the minds of many drivers that increasing fines will force the necessary cultural shift to ensure that motorists are not distracted by their phones or other mobile devices while behind the wheel.

In fact, many residents of Ontario have suggested that the recommendations provided by the Ontario chief coroner after reviewing Ontario’s recent increase in cyclist accidents might be a more effective alternative. These recommendations suggest that better city planning and a redevelopment of existing cities to create a “complete streets” approach, which would in part incorporate the use of bike lanes and increased pedestrian crossings, may help to form a less-invasive solution to the problem.

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