Toyota to Pay $1.2 Billion for Unintended Acceleration Defect, But What Do Canadians Get?

On March 20, 2014, the United States Justice Department announced that Toyota will pay a $1.2 billion penalty to settle the unintended acceleration problems that led to the recall of 8.1 million vehicles in 2009.

“Today, we can say for certain that Toyota intentionally concealed information and misled the public about the safety issues behind these recalls…Put simply, Toyota’s conduct was shameful.” Lawyer General Eric Holder told USA Today.

Additionally, the automaker will have to restructure their safety-monitoring standards including its handling of accident reports and its processes for handling technical bulletins.

Canadian officials from Transport Canada were alerted of 17 complaints of unintended acceleration by Toyota drivers over the course of several years until the recall was made.

The deal in the United States does not necessarily discuss how Canadians will be affected. In August 2013, Toyota Canada Inc. settled a class action lawsuit to cover the free installation of a brake override system and a customer support program to correct any defects in materials or workmanship of certain vehicles parts.

The settlement is much different than deals being struck between Toyota and victims in the U.S. courts. In Canada, however, there were no reported fatalities and the company has said that its braking and throttling systems meet the highest standards of safety.

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