National School Safety Week

National School Safety WeekWith School Safety Week celebrated Oct. 18-24, the Canada Safety Council is encouraging young pedestrians and cyclists to dress brightly so that they are seen. During fall, light levels decrease, making it ever-more important that pedestrians practice safe tactics when on the roads.

September to November are the worst months for pedestrians being hit by vehicles. The most dangerous time of day for pedestrians is late afternoon, evening and in dim lighting conditions. Practice these pedestrian safety tips to ensure your childs safety.

Keep your cellphone down Whether it is checking out your latest text or updating Facebook, looking at your cell phone could mean trouble when crossing the road. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Walk on the sidewalk It is important to stay off the road as a pedestrian. Sidewalks are there for you to enjoy more safety than walking in the road.

Do not assume Never assume a vehicle will stop for you to cross. The driver may be distracted by their cell phone or changing their music. Make eye contact and ensure the driver sees you before stepping into the crosswalk.

Crosswalk signals While crosswalk signals are there to guide you, do not use them as the sole means to cross the road. Look and listen as well since drivers may not be watching or obeying traffic signals.

Your music Take the ear buds out and remove headsets so you can be fully present when crossing the street and walking near the highway.

Look all ways The same rule applies to you as an adult as it did when you were a child. Look all around you while walking or cycling.

Wear bright clothes Reflective clothing and bright colors are important ways to stay safe as a pedestrian. Retro-reflective patches, preferable on the arms and legs, are a positive way to be seen by drivers.

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