Legal Options For Red Light Crash Victims

driver runs a red light and causes an accidentDrivers who attempt to beat a red light by going faster versus reducing their speed and coming to a complete stop can cause a serious accident. Running a led light can be dangerous for other drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the roadway. These accidents are also quite common, but entirely preventable.

If you have been injured by a red-light runner, you may be eligible to recoup costs associated with medical expenses, loss of income and property damage.

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Running a Red Light in Ontario

A driver who runs red light without stopping is committing an offense under the Highway Traffic Act. Every driver who approaches a red traffic light must bring his or her car to a complete stop at a red light. This is in accordance with Section 144(18). You cannot proceed until the light has turned green and the intersection is clear before traveling through it.

Unless a sign tells you otherwise, you can turn right on a red light but only after coming to a full stop and waiting until traffic is clear. You can also make a left-hand turn on a red light if you are traveling from a one-way street to another one-way street as long as you come to a full stop and wait until traffic is clear.

Penalties Involved in Violation of Law

Failing to stop at a red light can cause a serious accident and injuries. Violators can also receive a traffic ticket, a fine of at least $200 and three demerit points on their driving record. Insurance companies typically view running a red light as a major offense, which may affect your premiums and coverage.

Taking Legal Action Against a Red-Light Runner

To sue someone for running a red light and hitting you, the burden of proof is on you to show that the other driver was negligent. He or she must have failed to drive reasonably under the circumstances and as a result caused you harm. An experienced Windsor-based car accident lawyer is ready to help you prove the following:

  • The negligent driver owed you a duty to stop at a red light
  • The negligent driver breached his or her duty by failing to stop at a red light
  • This breach caused the accident and your injuries
  • The accident resulted in you suffering damages

Failing to stop at a red traffic light is generally a good indicator that the other driver was at fault. The rules of the road are supposed to be adhered to and created to help keep everyone sharing the roadway safe. When a driver commits a red-light violation, evidence can be gathered to help build a strong case.

Your lawyer will conduct a detailed investigation and look at photographic and video evidence to help show that the light was red when the other driver decided to run it and caused an accident.

The location of damage to your car may also show how the accident occurred. Accidents caused by red-light runners often result in significant damage to the front end and driver’s side of a victim’s car.

Recovering Compensation from a Red Light Accident

If your injuries are serious enough, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. However, you must file within a certain time period.

For most cases, the basic limitation period is within two years from the date of the accident. Failing to file within the two-year period will likely result in a court dismissal and an inability to take further legal action. Having a lawyer by your side could help ensure that you file within the appropriate deadline.

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