Canada’s Minister of Transport Wants Ability to Order Recalls

Safe Vehicles for Canadians ActTransport Canada recently introduced legislation in the House of Commons that would provide the government the power to order vehicle recalls, and better protect Canadian motorists.

Greg Monforton & Partners has been monitoring automotive recalls over the past year as more and more dangerous defects have been announced.

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Safer Vehicles for Canadians Act

Lisa Raitt, the Minister of Transport, introduced the Safe Vehicles for Canadians Act on June 3, 2015. The proposed legislation would allow the Minister to order a company to issue a recall and require manufacturers to repair defective vehicles. Additionally, the Minister could order manufacturers or importers to pay for these repairs and require that new vehicles be fixed before being sold to the public.

“Because the safety and security of Canadians is my top priority, the decision to recall vehicles cannot rest exclusively in industry’s hands. This new legislation will strengthen vehicle recalls in Canada and allow me to protect Canadians by quickly addressing automobile safety issues.” Raitt said in an online statement.

In addition to the ability to order recalls, the new legislation could allow manufacturers and importers to face fines upwards of $200,000 per violation, per day if companies fail to address safety issues quickly enough.

Most recently, 1.5 million cars in Canada were recalled for dangerous Takata airbags. The announcement came months after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began to fine Takata Corp. $14,000 a day until they complied with the administrations investigation.

Although the legislation is intended to help keep Canadians safe while behind the wheel, opponents of the act question the timing of the announcement.

The product liability lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners believe that the safety of all drivers and passengers is of the utmost importance. If this act successfully saves the lives of even one person, its value will be proven.