Is the Convenience of Ride-Sharing App Uber Worth the Risks?

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Ride-sharing service Uber boasts cheaper prices than a taxi, convenience and transportation at the touch of a button, but are you sacrificing your safety by using it?

Uber has been operating in the States for some time. Although it is still a young business, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Uber has made its way to Canada, and is currently available in Toronto and Ottawa.

While customers rave about Uber’s benefits, its risks may yet be unforeseen. The risk of getting into a strange car with a driver you know nothing about may be the first deterrent that comes to mind, but what if your Uber driver causes an accident? What if the driver was not fully insured? What if you were hurt?

Because an insurance provider has not yet been involved in an Uber collision, we don’t know exactly how they would respond to an attempt to collect compensation for damages. We do know a few things about the way Uber operates, however.

Uber’s terms of service specify that it is not liable for any accidents or injuries…

First, Uber drivers are classified into several different groups, including Uber TAXI, Uber SUV and Uber BLACK, which all require commercial licence classes. The remaining two groups, Uber X and Uber XL classify drivers by size of vehicle and only require a personal license, auto insurance and a well-maintained vehicle; drivers must be over the age of 21.

Besides the fact that you have no idea whether your drivers insurance policy has limits that would cover an accident you may be involved in or any resulting injuries, insurance providers may take issue with the notion that the insured is using their vehicle for arguably commercial means. Although Uber maintains that it is not a transportation company, an insurance provider could easily cancel coverage if it feels the opposite.

Uber Canada says it insures an additional $5 million during rides, but if the drivers coverage is cancelled by its provider, where does that leave riders who want to file a claim? Uber’s terms of service specify that it is not liable for any accidents or injuries that occur during rides that are scheduled on its system.

While ride sharing is still a burgeoning business model, the general public seems eager to accept its benefits and forget its flaws. If you do decide to use Uber, remember that you might be accepting more than a ride you’re accepting a ride on Uber’s terms.

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