Neighbors Calling for Improved Safety Along County Road 50

Friday night, a tragic accident on County Road 50 led to the death of a 16-year-old pedestrian, now residents in the area and friends and families of the victim are calling for improved safety along the road.

The roads shoulder is less than two feet wide and slips off into a field and then a shallow ditch. According to The Windsor Star, many teens in the area say that close calls are the norm in the area and that the majority of drivers are never going the speed limit. Young kids and teens use the road to get to school and friends homes, many parents think the road is just not safe enough for pedestrians.

A friend of the teen and neighbor in the area have meet with Essex town councillors John Scott and Bill Baker, the duo intends to raise the issue at council meetings to determine what can be done. The agree that things like better lighting, wider, paved shoulders and stricter enforcement of the speed limit could help until bike paths can be added.

Until then, pedestrians in the area should be extra cautious while walking on the road and drivers should obey the posted speed limits and be alert for pedestrians on the shoulder.

Has a loved one or someone that you know become the victim of a car vs. pedestrian accident?

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