How Insurers Get Away with Underpaying Car Accident Claims

hourglass on table with documentsCar accident victims are often surprised to learn that insurance companies and their insurance adjusters do not necessarily have their best interests in mind. Many insurers will devalue or deny a claim even if it is legitimate. You may be wondering, “Why do they do that? How can they get away with underpaying?

To understand why and how this happens, it is important to know insurers motives. There are several tactics insurers use after a car accident that can affect the amount of compensation you could receive and why you should consider retaining the services of an experienced lawyer.

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Acting Like They Are Your Friend

Only give necessary facts to the insurance company. Avoid providing too much information that may be used against you. Refrain from issuing a statement or saying how you think the car accident happened.

An insurance adjuster will act like your friend so that you get comfortable enough with him or her to offer up additional information about the car accident and your injuries. Insurers will try and use this information to twist or manipulate your words in an effort to underpay your claim.

An insurance adjuster may seem nice and friendly in the beginning, but they are just trying to save themselves as much money as possible. Insurance companies lookout for themselves first and foremost. They are more concerned with doing their job than they are about your injuries and recovery. Insurers want to be in your good graces so that you do not consult a lawyer for advice after a car accident.

Knowing You May Not Realize Your Rights

Insurance companies know how vulnerable car accident victims are. They know that victims may not understand their rights and may be unsure about the steps to pursue compensation for their injuries.

Insurance adjusters have a lot more experience and knowledge about the claims process. They deal with car accident cases on a daily basis, which puts them in an advantageous position. It can leave you feeling vulnerable all the while making it easier for the insurance company to underpay or deny your claim.

This is why it is important to know your legal rights. If you believe that an insurer is treating you unfairly, your injuries and their impact on your life will likely be unfairly assessed and misrepresented.

Misclassifying the Extent of Your Injuries

Oftentimes, insurance adjusters classify serious injuries as being minor or an impairment as being non-catastrophic. How your injuries are classified directly impacts how much compensation you may be eligible for. This includes payments for long-term medical treatment and other future care expenses.

By minimizing the extent of your injuries, it makes it easier for the insurance company to devalue your claim and deny you the compensation needed to fully cover and recover from your injuries. Insurance companies are supposed to pay for any reasonable and necessary treatment after a car accident.

You can help preserve your claim by making sure that you seek medical care and have your injuries thoroughly examined, assessed and documented. Be honest with your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing and pain levels. Having a solid medical record makes it harder to dispute your injuries.

Asking for Irrelevant Information

The car accident claims process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to try and pay out less compensation, if at all. This includes deciding not to tell you certain things during the claims process that could benefit you and maximize your compensation.

For instance, an insurance adjuster may say that want to access your medical records to verify your injuries before paying out compensation. While his or her reasoning may be partly true, the insurance adjuster will also be looking for inconsistencies in your statements since seeking medical care to argue that your injuries were caused by something unrelated to the car accident.

The insurance company may get access to other information in your medical record they may try to use to damage your credibility and underpay your claim. This is why is important to disclose medical records that only provide information relevant to the car accident and nothing else. Necessary medical records may include diagnostic and imaging results for injuries due to your most recent car accident.

Delaying Your Car Accident Claim

A car accident can leave you under serious financial strain. Medical bills may be piling up while you are out of work trying to heal and recover from your injuries. The insurance company may delay your claim and try to offer a lowball settlement if they suspect that you urgently need the money. They will prey on your vulnerability and see if you will break down to delay paying you what your claim is worth.

This is why having an experienced lawyer by your side handling all communications with the insurance company on your behalf may help decrease your chances of experiencing unnecessary delays.

How Can a Lawyer Help with My Claim?

A lawyer will know if an insurance company or an insurance adjuster is trying to underpay your car accident claim. He or she can look at all relevant insurance policies, advise you on what to say if you are required to provide a recorded statement, and discuss your rights and legal options available to you.

A lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company. He or she can let you know whether or not an insurer’s best offer is fair and accurately reflects the value of your damages. Should negotiations be unsuccessful, your lawyer could help you take legal action against any and all liable parties.

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