What Car Insurance Companies Decide Not to Tell You During a Claim

zipping up lips to stay quietIn a perfect world, an insurance company would simply pay a victim what he or she is owed after a serious car accident.

However, insurance adjusters routinely dispute valid claims and use several tactics to avoid liability. There are also things they decide not to tell you during a claim that you should know.

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They Do Not Have Your Best Interests in Mind

Many car accident victims assume that insurance companies have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses.

Their main objective is to save themselves as much money as possible to avoid paying out claims. Insurance companies will do anything it takes to delay, devalue or deny claims. At the end of the day, they are only representing their best interests. That is why it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who will represent your best interests and advocate for your rights after a car accident.

They Know the First Settlement Offer is Low

This first settlement offer you receive from the insurance company is usually low. It is not enough to cover all the expenses you incurred from the car accident, let alone the compensation necessary for other damages, such as pain and suffering. The insurance company already knows this.

It is standard practice for insurance companies to give lowball offers. Insurance companies often offer a lot less than a victim is owed, so that even after going back and forth on an offer during negotiations, the insurance company will likely still save money.

In most cases, a settlement offer will not be fair and reasonable unless a car accident victim hires legal representation. The insurance company knows that a lawyer will accurately access your damages and fight for the compensation you are owed. They may even get in trouble if found acting in bad faith.

They Will Use Your Statements Against You

After a car accident, you must be very careful of what you say, as your statements may be used against you to hurt your claim. You do not want the insurance company misconstruing your words.

Car accident claims are a question of who pays. The process involves determining who held the largest portion of the blame in the accident. This is why any statements made, even statements at the accident scene, are generally some of the strongest pieces of evidence used. Insurance companies are trained to look for statements or actions they can twist to have you admit liability and avoid paying out compensation.

An insurance adjuster may even reach out and ask that you provide a recorded statement to find out more information about how the car accident happened. While this request may seem simple and innocent enough, the insurance company may try to get you to make contradictory statements or say things that could harm your ability to recover fair and just compensation.

While you do have an obligation to cooperate with the insurance company, you could refuse to give a recorded statement until you first consult with a lawyer who can best advise you of your options.

They May Conduct Surveillance on You

Insurance companies do not always engage in surveillance. Hiring a private investigator to spy on a car accident victim can be expensive. However, it is not illegal unless the private investigator fails to follow certain protocols. A private investigator can only follow you at a distance in public places.

The insurance company may admit to hiring private investigators to prevent fraudulent claims. While fraud can happen, insurance companies also conduct surveillance to try and find a way to devalue or deny legitimate claims. They will use any information they uncover to question your credibility.

They Do Not Want You to Hire a Lawyer

Insurance companies know that car accident victims are vulnerable. They will often try to settle a claim as quickly as possible and before you hire a lawyer. An insurance company does not want you to know the full extent of your injuries, the value of your claim, or understand your rights.

A lawyer can make things more complicated for an insurance company. He or she will conduct a detailed investigation and gather evidence on your behalf to strengthen your claim for compensation. A lawyer will also advise that you see a doctor and follow medical treatments after your car accident. He or she will work hard on your behalf to make sure that all your damages are accounted for before you settle.

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