Drivers Want Changes Made to Highway 7 Intersection

In January 2014, a freight train crashed into a semi-trailer at the intersection of Highway 7 and Wellington Road 29. Although there were no serious personal injuries, townsfolk called for increased safety measures at the intersection.

The space between the intersections stop line and the beginning of the train tracks is 62 feet. However, many drivers, especially tractor-trailer truck drivers, argue that in order to trigger the light they need to stop on the tracks.

Despite warnings signs that drivers should not stop on the tracks, it seems to be a common practice.

Concerns over the intersection have been raised by Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott, I call upon the Ministry of Transportation to take immediate steps to avert another accident, which Im afraid to say is just waiting to happen, he told CTV News.

Greg Monforton & Partners would like to remind drivers to follow the rules of the road and always heed cautionary signs.

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