Elderly ON Mayor in Second Auto Accident in Past Five Weeks

Ninety-three-year-old Ontario Mayor Hazel McCallion was involved in her second car accident in just over a month, and many are skeptical about whether she should still be behind the wheel.

The crash took place in Streetsville, not far from McCallion’s home, on June 7, after she walked in the towns beloved Bread and Honey Parade. Police reports indicate the mayor hit a Toyota as she turned from Ontario St. onto Queen St. near the Royal Canadian Legion branch. Authorities described the accident as minor, but concern is growing over whether McCallion is becoming a liability on the road.

Ward 11 Councillor George Carlson was among those voicing objections to McCallion driving, saying, She should get a driver. It isn’t funny anymore, noting that the mayor is simply too old to be driving on her own.

But Carlson is not the only one speaking up. Ward 10 Councillor Sue McFadden agreed that McCallion may be better served using a driver, or taxi cabs for her own protection during the remainder of her time in office.

McCallion’s first crash this year took place on May 2. This collision was more serious than her recent one, with reports indicating debris from her vehicle was scattered along the highway after the wreck.

In 2006, however, McCallion was cited for making an illegal right turn under the Highway Traffic Act and ordered to pay a $110 fine for crashing her vehicle into a sign post. That accident occurred at Britannia and McLaughlin roads.

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