Drivers Urged To Exercise Caution As Multiple Windsor Accidents Result In Occupant Injuries

personal injury lawyer greg monfortonTwo separate auto accidents took place in Windsor on Monday afternoon, resulting in the injury of a female occupant and damage to multiple vehicles.

Essex-Windsor EMS paramedics responded to the first of the accidents, involving a four vehicles that occurred in at the Grand Marais Rd and Dominion Boulevard intersection.

A female passenger had to be taken to a local hospital by Windsor firefighters and members of the Windsor Police after suffering a fractured ankle in the collision, that also resulted in a Hyundai Elantra and a Chrysler Intrepid sustaining considerable damage.

In the other incident, the driver of a red Pontiac sedan collided with a Transit Windsor bus at approximately 2:30 pm at the intersection of Goyeau and Erie.

While injuries were sustained by a number of individuals, they were believed to be non-life threatening.

As Police continue the investigations, at the law offices of Greg Monforton & Partners, we urge all drivers in the greater Windsor area to exercise patience and caution during the winter driving season.

Lives can change in an instant following a hasty decision when behind the wheel and in the interests of public safety, please allow extra time to arrive safely at your destination.

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