Ontario Provincial Police Data Shows Distracted Driving Deaths are at 10-Year Low

using phone while behind the wheelOntario Provincial Police (OPP) recently released statistics on fatal accidents in 2018, and they show deaths from car accidents are down in three of the four most common types of fatal collisions.

There were 296 fatal car accidents in 2018 compared to 304 fatal accidents in 2017. This includes a decrease in distracted driving deaths from 82 in 2017 to just 55 in 2018, which is a 10-year low for distracted driving deaths.

OPP statistics also revealed decreases in seat belt-related deaths and alcohol/drug-related fatalities. There were 50 seat belt-related deaths in 2018 and 51 the year before. There were 56 alcohol-related deaths last year and 58 in 2017. However, fatalities related to speeding increased from 75 to 76 in 2018.

OPP statistics also revealed a decrease in deaths from motorcycle collisions from year to year. There were just 36 in 2018 compared to 48 in 2017. The main factors in last years fatal accidents were speeding and losing control, while the main causes of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2017 were improper turning and impairment from alcohol.

While there were decreases in some types of accidents, there was a significant increase in collisions involving transport trucks – 7,674 crashes last year compared to 7,287 in 2017. Last year’s number of transport truck collisions represents a four-year high. While 1,142 of these crashes caused injuries, 55 led to deaths. This was a decrease from the 79 fatal incidents involving transport trucks in 2017.

More than 50 percent of the transport truck accidents that occurred in 2017 and 2018 were caused by the drivers. The main reasons drivers were at fault were because of improper lane changes and following other vehicles too closely.

Overall, OPP responded to 72,060 crashes in 2018, compared to 68,782 the year before. There was a total of 296 fatal collisions on roads patrolled by OPP in 2018 and 304 the year before. There was a total of 333 deaths on OPP-patrolled roads in 2018 and 343 deaths the year before.

OPP is pleased to see decreases in accidents, but the numbers represent people – innocent human beings whose lives were ended due to drivers taking unnecessary risks, says OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair.

The only way to prevent more fatalities is to practice safe, defensive driving, which is what Ontario drivers owe to their fellow citizens, Blair said.

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