Toddler Hit by Car in West Windsor

Car hits child at Brock Street near Baby StreetThe family of a two-year old boy who was run over by a car is overcome with emotion and holding onto hope. Family and friends witnessed the accident which happened on Brock Street near Baby Street in Windsor, early Thursday afternoon.

Windsor police Sgt. Robyn Moon says officials are investigating claims that the child ran out into the street between two parked cars and was run over by a yellow Pontiac Sunfire. Police say the elderly driver was traveling south on Brock when she says the child suddenly appeared. The impact from her car was reportedly so intense that the childs shoes came off.

The injured toddler was transported to Windsor Regional Hospitals Oullette Campus before being transferred to Detroit Mercy Childrens Hospital. Police say his injuries are very serious along with severe abrasions to his face.  

Several people in the area rushed to the scene after hearing a loud commotion. At least one witness told The Windsor Star that she thought the noise was from the impact of two cars.

However, upon arrival at the scene, Victoria Hall says she saw a little boy laying on the ground in the arms of his father and people screaming. She says its an image she will never forget.

Our thoughts are with family and friends affected by this devastating situation. This incident underscores the importance of talking with your children about road safety.

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