What Do You Need to Know About Broken Glass Injuries From Car Crashes?

shattered windshield on carThere are many reasons why people suffer injuries in car crashes. One of the reasons that is not talked about as much is broken glass from the windshield or the windows. Some accidents can cause glass to crack or shatter and fragments can cause lacerations and other severe injuries.

Below, we discuss broken glass injuries from car crashes, including the common types of injuries, why they happen, treatment for these injuries and seeking compensation for damages from the accident. If you were injured in an Ontario car accident, our experienced Windsor-based vehicle accident lawyers are ready to help you seek compensation.

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How Broken Glass Injures Crash Victims

The glass on your car may shatter in a high-speed collision or a crash in which part of the other vehicle or a piece of debris crashes into one of your windows or the windshield.

However, glass can shatter even if it is not directly hit by something. When a collision happens at high speed, a tremendous amount of force is exerted on the frame of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the frame may not be able to hold all this force and it is going to transfer to the rest of your vehicle, including the windows. As the windows absorb this force, they may crack or shatter. Small pieces of glass could break off and turn into high-speed projectiles.

Broken glass injuries are also more likely to happen when a vehicle occupant gets ejected from the vehicle and thrown into the windshield. Glass can get embedded in your body as you hit or crash through glass.

Shattered glass could get sprayed all over the road – if someone gets thrown from the vehicle they could also get cut by glass that gets sprayed on the asphalt.

There are also situations where vehicle occupants get out of the car after a crash and accidentally step on or grab broken glass. This might happen if you were trying to pull someone else away from danger and did not have time to use caution, such as if a vehicle was on fire.

Sometimes your vehicle may be damaged in such a way that you cannot open the door to get out. You might try to crawl through the windshield or the window and cut yourself as you move.

Common Types of Broken Glass Injuries in car Crashes

These are some of the most common types of injuries caused by broken glass from a car accident:


A laceration is a severe cut that penetrates below the surface of the skin. Surface-level cuts can probably be treated with first aid. However, lacerations can be particularly dangerous, as there can be a risk of infection if the wound is not treated properly.

If you get cut by a large shard of glass there is the potential for the severing of an artery. This could lead to a catastrophic loss of blood that could be fatal. Victims may need a transfusion to survive.

Sometimes pieces of glass can break off and enter the bloodstream. This can cause severe inflammation in the organs.

Lacerations could result in nerve damage and the disruption of blood flow to another part of the body. This could cause severe damage that may require invasive treatment.


If an artery gets severed by a piece of glass, there is the potential that a limb may need to be amputated. This risk could be especially high if the victim develops an infection like tetanus or MRSA. The only way to preserve the victim’s life may be to do an amputation of the affected limb.

Neck Wounds

If a piece of glass penetrates the neck the wound could be fatal, even with quick treatment. It may be too difficult to stop the bleeding. The victim may need a blood transfusion.

One of the most dangerous aspects of a neck injury in a car crash is that the victim may not get treatment quickly enough. After the crash someone is going to need to call 9-1-1 and first responders will need time to get to the scene.

Penetration of the Skull

In a high-speed collision, glass may strike a vehicle occupant’s head with such force that the glass penetrates the skull. The victim could suffer a catastrophic or fatal brain injury. Immediate treatment is crucial to try to limit the damage.

Damage to the Eyes

If glass penetrates an eye, the victim could suffer serious visual impairment or even vision loss. There is also a possibility of suffering an infection, particularly if the patient does not immediate treatment and if doctors do not properly monitor the patient.

Treatment for Broken Glass Injuries

Broken glass can cause a variety of injuries, some are minor, and some are catastrophic and potentially fatal. Minor injuries may only require first aid and time to fully heal. There are some injuries that may require stitches and could leave scars. Doctors may also want victims to take antibiotics to decrease the risk of an infection.

Some broken glass injuries involve damage to the muscles, nerves and even the organs. Injuries like these may require surgery, both to stabilize them and to try to prevent an infection. However, the more invasive a surgical procedure is, the greater the risk of complications, such as infections, damage to surrounding organs and excessive bleeding.

Seeking Compensation for Damages

If you suffer a serious broken glass injury in a car crash, and the crash was caused by a reckless driver, you may be able to obtain insurance compensation to cover the cost of your medical treatment. These costs could be considerable if you need surgery and ongoing treatment and monitoring to make sure you do not suffer an infection or other complications.

No matter how severe or life-threatening your injuries are, the insurance company is going to try to downplay the injury. They want to find some way to underpay or even deny your claim.

Another factor to consider is you may need ongoing or long-term care. While insurance companies may offer compensation for these damages, it may not be anywhere near enough. That is why victims should strongly consider working with an experienced lawyer when seeking compensation. Insurance companies know you are serious when you are working with a lawyer. They also know there is a possibility of a lawsuit.

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