What Do I Do if I Am Involved in a Car Crash While Vacationing Outside of Canada?

canada and us flag near bridge to detroitA vacation is supposed to offer a break from all the stresses of your everyday life. The trouble is, you never know when something could go wrong during your trip. You could get into a car crash and be left wondering what to do next and how to find the answers to numerous questions.

Does my car insurance policy still apply to my injuries and damages? What about my health insurance? How do I even obtain compensation?

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Does Ontario Car Insurance Cover Me in the U.S.?

Yes, it is generally true that your Ontario car insurance covers you throughout Canada and the U.S. The Standard Ontario Motor Vehicle Policy includes the following no-fault benefits that apply to U.S. car accidents, regardless who is at fault:

  • Income replacement
  • Non-earner/caregiver benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Rehabilitation benefits
  • Attendant care benefits
  • Lost education benefits
  • Death and funeral benefits
  • Visitor expenses
  • Reimbursement for damaged clothing, glasses and medical devices
  • Benefits for housekeeping and home maintenance, if warranted by the injury

This is just the standard policy, so if you want to purchase more accident benefit coverage, you can.

However, you need to review your policy because it may have exclusions and limitations for accidents that happen in another province or another country.

Does OHIP Cover You Outside of Canada?

Yes, but there are limitations to Ontario Health Insurance Policy coverage while you are in the U.S. Here are the rules on coverage for the following services while outside of the country:

Treatment by a Doctor

OHIP pays for whichever is less:

  • Amount billed by doctors who treated you OR
  • Rates paid to Ontario doctors according to the Ontario Schedule of Benefits for Physicians Services

Emergency Outpatient Care

OHIP covers whichever one costs less:

  • As much as $50 per day in Canadian money
  • What was billed to the hospital

Emergency Inpatient Care

OHIP will pay as much as $200 for lower levels of care or $400 per day for medical care received in the following settings:

  • Operating room
  • Coronary care unit
  • Intensive care unit
  • Neonatal or pediatric special care unit

Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Uninsured Motorist Coverage Before Traveling

You never know how much liability coverage the other driver may have, or if the other driver who causes the crash will even have insurance. There is also one state in the U.S. (New Hampshire) that does not require drivers to purchase auto insurance.

This is why you need uninsured motorist coverage, which helps to cover your damages if the other driver lacks insurance. Ontario requires all policies to include some coverage, but you may want to increase the policy limit, if you can afford to do so.

Family Protection Endorsement

Ontario drivers can also add family protection coverage to their auto insurance. This endorsement is an extra safeguard if you get into a crash with a driver whose policy limits are below your family protection coverage limits.

Should I Buy Travel Insurance Before I Go?

You may want to give serious thought to buying travel insurance before you leave for your trip. You can buy this type of coverage from various entities, such as insurance companies, banks, airlines and travel agents.

Coverage in these policies varies, but some pay for medical expenses and injuries suffered during a trip. There may also be coverage for things you lose, like luggage or other personal property.

Often, travel insurance is relatively cheap. This may be a great way to shore up your financial safety net in the event of a car accident. While you may never need it, if you do, you will be glad you purchased it.

You need to carefully review a travel insurance policy to determine what is covered and what is not, and when it would apply.

What Else Should You Do Before You Leave?

It is a good idea to review your car insurance policy before you leave. It is important to know how much coverage you have and what types of damages are going to be covered. You do not want to be surprised about your coverage after a crash, as this can add more stress to an already stressful situation.

You can always contact your insurance company to learn more about your coverage and get answers to anything about which you are unclear.

You may learn that you are uncomfortable with the amount of coverage you have and would like to add more. It is better to find this out before an accident than after.

Do I Need to Inform My Insurance Company Before I Leave?

If you are only going to be gone a few days or weeks, there is no need to inform your car insurance company.

However, if you plan to be gone for several months or more, you need to contact your insurance company. Your coverage may be voided if you drive outside of your province or the country for too long. You may need to pay a higher premium to keep your coverage.

What Should I Do After a Car Crash While on Vacation Outside of the Country?

You should take the same steps you would after a crash in Ontario:

  • When possible, move your car out of the flow of traffic to a safe location
  • Exchange information with the other driver
  • Report the crash to the appropriate authorities
  • Contact an experienced lawyer to discuss your legal options
  • Seek medical treatment as soon as possible
  • Follow the doctor’s orders during your treatment and recovery
  • Refer the insurance company to your lawyer or limit what you say, as insurers are looking to use your statements against you

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