Car Accident At London Costco Seriously Injures Pregnant Woman And Two Children

smashed red sedanLocal authorities have just released details on a London, ON car accident that took place at a busy Costco store in London on Friday afternoon.

According to reports, a four-door, red sedan careened through the front doors of the store, injuring five bystanders and also the driver of the vehicle.

Various eye witnesses have advised that a sound resembling a “waterfall of glass” was heard shortly after a vehicle was heard revving its engine, while Mr. Araam Wendy a Costco employee told a local radio station that he saw a young boy that was seriously injured from the crash and another young girl that had been knocked out. Lying near her, was an unconscious, pregnant woman that had also become a victim of the incident.

The most recent reports say that the six-year-old girl has succumb to her injuries and an autopsy to determine the official cause of death is scheduled for July 28. Additionally, an emergency c-section was performed on the pregnant victim of the accident, but police will not comment on the status of the baby.

While charges are pending, Police are continuing their investigation.

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