Black Ice The Cause Of Fatal Highway Accident for Windsor Woman

In a story posted yesterday that detailed the death of a Windsor woman involved in a highway crash in Kentucky, the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department has revealed that the car lost control after hitting a patch of black ice, which caused it to spin and then collide into a tractor trailer.

The victim, Ms Svetlana Frkovic, was seated in the rear of the vehicle at the time of the collision, with the Frkovic’s vehicle being crushed beyond recognition.

While the driver and passenger in the truck were not hurt, all three occupants in the car were taken to a local hospital with the driver (and husband), Slavko Frkovic and their 31 y.o daughter Sanja still in a serious condition.

A representative from the Sheriff’s Department also advised that the investigation in now complete and that no charges are expected to be filed.

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