Angry Motorists Harass Cyclists in Wake of Fatal Ontario Crash

Cyclists riding with cycling organization Tour Du Canada sadly lost two of their group to a traffic accident last week, but motorists travelling through the area seemed to display little sympathy in the wake of tragedy. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident contact the reputable bicycle accident lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners. 

Bud Jorgensen, executive director of Tour Du Canada, explained that the eastern Ontario couple of Bob and Irene Booth were avid cyclists, both in their sixties, who died last week following a collision with a vehicle on the highway. Jorgensen said that while investigators covered the scene of the accident the highway was backed up and closed for several hours, but that one motorist began insulting the group of cyclists, telling them that they should not be on the road and that the Booths deaths were their fault.

The long lineup on both sides included … motorists [who were] frustrated with the delay and looking for someone to blame, Jorgensen said.

Sadly, the frustrations of the driver resulted in a short-lived harassment of the grieving Tour Du Canada riders, who in a press release made sure to thank Nipigon, the township in Thunder Bay District where the collision occurred, who have been exceedingly welcoming and gracious to the group following the Booths deaths.

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