What You Should Do to Protect Your Rights After a Dog Bite

dog frothing at the mouthGetting bit or attacked by a dog is a terrifying experience that can leave victims in shock and unsure about what to do. There are several steps to take to begin treating your injuries and collect evidence that may allow you to build a case against the owner.

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Steps After a Bite

After suffering a dog bite or dog attack, take these steps to protect your health and possibly help improve your chances for recovering compensation for your damages.

Treating Your Injuries

After a dog bite, you can do the following treatment at home:

  • Use a clean towel held over the wound to stop bleeding
  • Keep the injured area elevated
  • Use soap and water to gently wash the bite
  • Use a sterile dressing for the wound
  • Use antibiotic ointment on the wound daily for infection prevention

While the steps above can help to stabilize the injury, you should see a doctor for treatment. Dog bites can lead to infections, requiring antibiotic treatment. Victims with liver disease, diabetes and illnesses suppressing the immune system could have a greater risk of a more severe infection.

Always see a doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • You were bitten by an unfamiliar dog
  • The dog bite is deep
  • You cannot control the bleeding
  • Your wound shows signs of infection, including swelling, redness, warmth and pus

When you visit the doctor for your dog bite or dog attack injuries, be prepared with answers for the following questions so your physician can treat you appropriately:

  • Is the dog up-to-date on rabies and other vaccines?
  • Was the bite or attack provoked or unprovoked?
  • What are your health conditions?

Collecting Evidence at the Scene

If possible, collect evidence at the scene of the dog bite or attack. This information will help you build a case against the dog’s owner or responsible party, as you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.

  • Get the dog owner’s contact information, including name, address and phone number. This information will allow you to contact the dog’s owner to verify vaccination history.
  • Ask anyone who witnessed the dog bite or dog attack for his or her contact information. Witness accounts will help you build a clear picture of what happened in case of an insurance claim or lawsuit.
  • Contact your local animal control agency to file a dog bite report. Animal control may investigate the incident, which could help your case. Your report may also help animal control prevent future dog bites and attacks.

Documenting the Effects of Your Injuries

Documenting the effects of a dog bite or dog attack will be important to your claim.

  • Document all injuries caused by the bite or attack, including injuries that are visible as well as effects such as decreased mobility, pain and inability to perform specific functions. This can be documented by photos, medical records and written records, such as a personal injury journal.
  • Note the circumstances that led to the bite or attack. Include all details you remember – if you do not remember something, do not guess or speculate, just stick to the facts.
  • Document all correspondence you have with anyone related to your dog bite or attack. This includes witnesses, the insurance company or other parties.
  • Record all expenses associated with your injury. This includes your medical bills, travel costs for doctor’s visits and lost wages.

Contacting a Lawyer

It is in your best interest to work with an experienced dog bite lawyer if you have been injured by a dog attack. Dog bite lawyers handle many similar cases and will help determine how much compensation you may be entitled to, and help you build a strong case.

Your lawyer can handle all communication with insurance companies on your behalf. Lawyers are also skilled in negotiating favorable settlements for their clients, helping you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

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