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Also known as the clavicle, the human collarbone is made up of two elongated bones that rest near the top of the chest. Nestled between the shoulder and chest bone, the clavicle helps connect the arm to the body and is one of the most prominent bones of the body as it is only covered by skin rather than muscle. Its prominence can also make it an easy target when trauma occurs.

A collarbone break, also known as a fracture, can occur during any type of traumatic accident or severe fall.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s 2009 statistics reveal that there were more than 216,000 reportable collisions throughout the province and of these more than 44,000 caused personal injuries. Furthermore, the reports indicate that more than 800 motor vehicle collision victims were diagnosed with a fracture of the neck and trunk.

According to the Canadian Institute of Health Information approximately 21% of all emergency department visits throughout the country were related to trauma and of these incidents 30% were due to unintentional falls and 9% were due to motor vehicle collisions.

If you or a loved one has endured a broken collarbone accident at the hands of a negligent party, the victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

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What Can Cause a Broken Collarbone?

When a fall happens, it is common for a person to extend their arm out in order to catch themselves, and unfortunately this is just one of the ways the collarbone can be fractured. When a person falls and lands on their shoulder it could also lead to a broken collarbone.

Trauma commonly causes this type of personal injury, some types of serious accidents that can lead to a fractured collarbone include:

Intentional acts of violence may also be the cause of a broken collarbone injury as could a serious dog bite. Young children and the elderly are much more susceptible to this type of injury as their bones are softer and much more fragile.

Symptoms of a Broken Collarbone

The type of injury sustained can determine what type of symptoms a person may have, a collarbone injury can either be mild or severe. The collarbone can actually break in multiple places which could lead to more serious symptoms.

Some common symptoms of a collarbone injury include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Shoulder deformities
  • Difficulty moving or raising the arm
  • Pain when able to move the arm
  • A grinding or cracking sound when moving the arm
  • Tingling or numbing sensation in the arms or fingers

Any person experiencing severe pain or numbing of the arms and fingers connected to the injured area should seek medical assistance immediately.

Treating a Broken Collarbone

A broken collarbone must first be x-rayed to diagnose the type of break that occurred. An aligned break means the bone broke into two pieces whose ends meet, whereas a non-aligned breaks means the ends of the break do not meet.

When an aligned break happens, the treatment usually involves a sling and some pain medication to relieve any symptoms.

A more serious break could require surgery including the use of pins, screws, or rods in order to get the bones to meet properly and re-align during the healing process.

Once the fracture has healed physical therapy may the next step in order to restore muscle and joint strength, and full range of motion.

Although a broken collarbone injury can often heal without complications, not getting the injury properly treated could result in permanent deformities, loss of range of motion, and nerve injuries.

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