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A class action lawsuit is defined as a legal proceeding that enables a large group of individuals to collectively file a claim with the court. This type of filing allows victims to have their collective dispute with a large firm, corporation or other entity to be potentially resolved in a cost effective, low risk manner.

It’s important to note that while the costs of taking a company or organization to court can be too costly for a singular person, a class action lawsuit provides injury victims with much greater bargaining power as it spreads the costs of litigation across all parties involved in the filing which makes pursuing such claims much more economical for individual victims.

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Common Class Action Lawsuits

class action lawsuitsThere can be a variety of products or causes that can contribute to a personal injury that is suffered by multiple people.

Some of these include:

…. just to name a few.

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Eligibility Requirements

filing a class action claimWhile each case can have its own unique requirements, there are generally three primary factors that an individual must meet in order to start the filing process.

This list includes:

  • There must be more than one plaintiff
  • These plaintiffs must have a common complaint against a specific defendant
  • There must be one to a few of the plaintiffs that are able and available to accurately represent the entire group of plaintiffs throughout proceedings

It’s also important to note that the defendant must have the capacity to compensate those that have allegedly suffered damages. This is often determined by the court.

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