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a deflated airbagAccording to estimates by Transport Canada, seat belts and air bags saved the lives of 8,600 drivers from 1990-1997, resulting in economic benefits of about $12.9 billion over the eight-year period.

Yet despite all of the advancements in automotive safety devices over the years, it is a sad fact that many injuries and deaths that occur from motor vehicle accidents could have been prevented if faulty vehicle safety devices functioned as they were designed to.

These collisions can leave individuals with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and months of rehabilitation and physical therapy.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a car accident and an on board safety device failed to operate correctly, the Windsor based personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Greg Monforton and Partners are ready to listen to your claim.

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Types of Car Safety Features

In 1976, Ontario was the first province to pass a law requiring vehicle occupants to wear a seat belt, and all other provinces now have primary enforcement seat belt laws.

It is obvious that Canadians care about staying safe on the road. Here are some of the other most important safety features on today’s cars:


An airbag is a flexible fabric envelope or cushion that inflates quickly during a crash to protect a driver and passengers. Most modern vehicles contain multiple airbags, usually in the front and on the sides.

Since 2006, most passenger vehicles have come standard with Advanced Frontal Airbag systems. These high-tech airbags can tell the size and position of the passenger and how severe the crash is and then vary the force with which they deploy.

It is important to note that airbags are intended to be used in tandem with seat belts and not to replace them. Therefore, seat belts should always be worn by all occupants.

Anti-lock Brakes

Anti-lock braking systems help the wheels of a motor vehicle to maintain traction with the road when a driver brakes. This helps wheels from locking up and skidding.

Reverse Backup Sensors

These sensors are located on the rear of some automobiles and warn the driver if they are getting too close to an object or another vehicle when they are backing up.

Automatic Braking

This is a cutting-edge feature that will use radar to detect what is front of the vehicle and automatically apply the brakes to prevent or lessen a collision.  It is not yet widely available.

Side view Assist

Side view assist systems alert you when there is someone in your blind spot, usually with a light on your side mirror.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems are a computerized technology that detect and reduce skidding. When an ESC system detects loss of steering control, it assists by automatically applying the brakes to help steer the car to where the driver wants to go.

Heads up Display

Heads up display systems project information important to the driver (such as speed, gas, etc.) up on the windshield so the driver doesn’t have to look down while on the road.

Lane Departure Warning System

These systems will detect when a driver is unintentionally drifting out of their lane and alert them by vibrating the driving wheel or some other means, perhaps with lights or a warning sound.

None of these systems are intended to act as a replacement for safe, alert driving on the part of the vehicle owner. Make sure that you follow posted speed limits, drive at a speed appropriate for road and weather conditions, get regular maintenance done on your vehicle, and stay aware of whats going on around you at all times when driving.

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