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Police Say Alcohol May Have Played a Role in ATV Accident

Amherstburg police believe a weekend ATV accident that led to injuries was caused by alcohol impairment. Around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, two people were thrown off an ATV. The accident occurred near the 4900 block of the 4th concession. According to police, a 41-year-old man was driving with a 38-year-old female passenger at the front... Read More

The Role of Negligence in Personal Injury Claims

Negligence is an important part of many personal injury lawsuits. Many claims hinge on the concept in order to show that another person caused an accident that lead to your injuries. While in some cases it may seem simple enough to prove that the other party was negligent and at-fault, proving so in a court... Read More

Seven Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

With winter fast-approaching, your chance of a slip and fall accident could increase. Injuries may occur and you could find yourself with mounting medical bills and lost wages. Here are seven steps you should take after a slip and fall accident: Receive medical attention It is imperative to seek medical treatment immediately after a slip... Read More

How Does Whiplash Occur?

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries drivers and passengers involved in a car accident may suffer. Although the injury is most common in rear-end accidents, the sudden impact of a vehicle colliding into another can cause the jerking movement that often leads to whiplash injuries. In simpler terms, whiplash is an over-extension of... Read More

Windsor Man Hit And Critically Injured By Falling Tree

A 54 year old Windsor resident is in a critical condition after being hit by a falling tree during a fierce thunderstorm on Tuesday afternoon. The accident took place at approximately 5:30 p.m on Victoria Avenue in Windsor, which resulted in the as-yet-unnamed male victim being rushed to a local hospital. According to witnesses, the... Read More

REPORT: Popular Menopause Drug May Cause Breast Cancer

A new report produced by Prithwish De, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Toronto, suggests that Premarin and Premplus, two popular menopause drugs, could cause breast cancer. According to the report, hormone replacement therapy was a risk factor in an estimated 12,000 new Canadian breast cancer cases discovered between 1994 and 2006.... Read More

Investigations Into Home Daycares Finds that More Regulation is Needed

Four Ontario investigations into deaths at unregulated home daycares over the last three decades has led to a call for more provincial oversight. Last summer, the death of two toddlers in a North York and Vaughan home daycares disrupted a community. Investigators soon began to probe the number of deaths that have occurred in unregulated... Read More

Man With E-Bike Fatally Injured After Train Accident

Local Police in Windsor are investigating a train vs. pedestrian accident that has resulted in the death of a man on Wednesday afternoon. It’s believed that after parking the e-bike he was riding, the man was hit at approximately 4 p.m on the train tracks between Mc Dougall St and Ouellette Ave, although initial reports... Read More

Ontario Dog Bite Statistics

It is estimated that more than 5,000 dog bites are reported each year in Ontario and that in Canada, 42 dog bites occur every hour. Additionally, data collected in a study between 1990 and 2007 published in The Canadian Veterinary Journal identified 28 fatalities from dog bite injuries. On average about 1-2 deaths can be... Read More

Toronto paying millions in lawsuit claims

Read Original Article from The City of Toronto has spent more than $200 million to settle civil lawsuits since 2000, and the payouts are getting richer, a municipal database obtained by the Star shows. Litigants range from people alleging they were struck by golf balls to prisoners claiming they were assaulted in police custody.... Read More