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Study Reveals Nursing Home Caretakers Spend Insufficient Time Taking Care of Residents

A recent study published in the Journal of Nursing Studies has uncovered that long-term care nurses spend less than half of their time taking care of residents. Seven Canadian nursing homes were observed for two months. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses (LPN) and resident aides were observed in order to determine how much time they... Read More

Judge Awards $15B in Damages to Quebec Smokers

A Quebec Superior Court has ordered three tobacco companies to pay $15 billion in damages in what is being considered the biggest class-action lawsuit in Canadian history. Imperial Tobacco, Benson & Hedges and JTI-MacDonald were ordered to pay for punitive and moral damages in two class-action lawsuits that involved approximately one million plaintiffs. The Quebecers... Read More

Takata Airbag Recall Affects More Than One Million Vehicles in Canada

Following the expansion of the Takata airbag recall in the United States, Transport Canada has announced the recall of approximately 1.2 million vehicles. Although the agency is not aware of any incidents in Canada, more than 100 injuries have been reported worldwide along with three deaths. Have you or someone you love been injured by... Read More

Long-Time Ford Employees Present Petition for National Auto Strategy to House of Commons

On Monday April 20, 2015, Jessica John, daughter of our very own Pat Forfitt, and Heather MacDonald-Ellis were in Ottawa presenting the House of Commons with a petition pushing for a national auto strategy. The two women, who are long-time Ford workers, began collecting signatures last fall after they believed Windsor lost a potential investment... Read More

Uber Insurance Secrets & Confidentiality Woes

Lawyers for ridesharing app Uber to ask judge for sealing order to keep information on $5 million insurance policy confidential for competitive reasons. Uber claims its unique insurance policy, which it spent seven months developing, must be kept secret to keep competitors from simply copying the terms. According to Uber representatives, the strictly confidential details of... Read More

Lawsuits Filed Over Trinity Industries Spear-Like Guardrails

Across Canada, transportation safety officials are eager to receive test results which would determine what should be done with thousands of allegedly defective guardrails manufactured by Trinity Industries, Inc. and used throughout the country. At issue is the safety of the guardrails themselves. Rather than protecting motorists in a crash, Trinity’s ET-Plus System roadside barricades... Read More

Greg Monforton Discusses The Future Of Law

In a recent interview conducted by the University of Windsor, our very own Greg Monforton was asked to expand on a variety of topics including his thoughts on what he considers to be the foundations of a good lawyer and his view of where law as an industry is headed in the near future. Click... Read More

Canadian Car Buyers Value Price Above Safety and Style, Survey Finds

A survey from revealed that 85 per cent of Canadians in the market for a vehicle weigh price and fuel efficiency more heavily than safety when considering a purchase. The sites New Car Survey took a look at Canadian car buyers’ habits when shopping for a vehicle. All of the information in survey... Read More

GoFundMe Windfall for Detroit Man Who Walks 33K to Work Daily

The newly-acquired wealth of James Robertson, the 56-year-old Detroit factory worker who walks roughly 33 kilometres to work each day, will be managed in part by a group of financial advisors. CBC News Windsor reports that the GoFundMe page created to ease Robertson’s daily commute blew past its original goal of raising $25,000 U.S. Thanks... Read More

General Motors Compensates Victims of Ignition Switch Recall Early

Eligible claimants are accepting offers from General Motors Co.s (GM) victims compensation fund, administrator Kenneth Feinberg said in a recent CNBC interview. The fund has paid 130 victims ahead of its scheduled deadline of Jan. 31, 2015, but Feinberg notes that thousands of claims still remain unprocessed. According to a Bloomberg News report, Feinberg has... Read More