Windsor Man Hit And Critically Injured By Falling Tree

a fallen treeA 54 year old Windsor resident is in a critical condition after being hit by a falling tree during a fierce thunderstorm on Tuesday afternoon.

The accident took place at approximately 5:30 p.m on Victoria Avenue in Windsor, which resulted in the as-yet-unnamed male victim being rushed to a local hospital.

According to witnesses, the tree was so large that they were unaware that someone was critically injured underneath it.

…He was bleeding terribly from everywhere….

“He was pinned under the tree, there was no way we could get him out…. He was bleeding terribly from everywhere. I took off my shirt and I was trying to stop the bleeding from his head. He had a big gash…. He was just bleeding heavy from his head, and pinned. The heavy part of the tree was on his stomach and he was trying to move. It was scary. I just hope he pulls through.” said Mr. Tim Meyersa witness to the incident.

It’s believed that the 54 year old man was walking near the 400 block of Victoria Avenue when a strong gust of wind snapped the tree, causing it to fall on top of him.

Mr. Ron Deroche another witnesses to the event described the tree as being so large that pedestrians had to walk around the tree just to get past it, while also noting that the victim was trapped and that branches were covered in the mans blood.

Shortly after 9-1-1 was called, firefighters and paramedics arrived to free the man from the tree and rush him to a nearby hospital.

At the law offices of Greg Monforton & Partners, our injury lawyers encourage Windsor residents to be careful when walking through the streets of Windsor, as there are many trees that despite appearing to be solid from the outside, are actually dying and hollowed out on the inside.

When heavy weather sets in, these hollowed out trees can break and cause serious injuries to unsuspecting passers-by.

In the event that you or someone that you love has been injured by a tree that is on the property of another individual or business, that victim may be eligible to file a damages claim.

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