What Not to Do When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

wags to sabotage personal injury claimWhen you pursue a personal injury claim, you want to make sure you obtain fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered. During the claims process, you must be careful not to make certain mistakes that can lead to a lower settlement offer or compromise your ability to recover anything for your injury.

The experienced and knowledgeable lawyers at Greg Monforton and Partners can help guide you in the right direction after suffering an injury in an accident and explain what to avoid doing when you file a personal injury claim. Request a free, no obligation consultation to learn more.

Lying or Exaggerating About Your Injuries

It is important to stick to the facts when discussing your injuries. Do not exaggerate the severity of your injuries or symptoms in hopes of a larger settlement. Lying or exaggerating the situation to your doctor, lawyer, or the insurance company can complicate the matter or worse, cause your claim to be voided.

Alternatively, do not downplay your injuries and how they impact you. Even minor injuries need to be reported. While you may wish to avoid being seen as someone who complains, it is important that you are upfront about your injuries and their symptoms, so everything can be accounted for as your lawyer works to accurately value your claim.

Waiting Too Long to Take Action

After an accident, you need to take action as soon as you are able so that evidence is preserved to help your claim. Document as much as possible at the accident scene – if you are unable to remain at the scene due to your injuries, see if someone you trust is able to do so for you.

Be sure to do the following:

  • Take photos of the accident scene, including your injuries, property damage and anything else you think is relevant.
  • Gather the names and contact information of all parties involved and any witnesses who saw the accident take place.
  • Write down everything you remember about the accident to avoid forgetting key information.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Once your injuries are diagnosed, your doctor will give you instructions to follow for treatment. It is important that you follow these orders. Failure to do so can not only compromise your health and recovery, but also may be used as evidence against you by the insurance company during the claims process. They may say you are not as injured as you say, in an attempt to devalue your claim.

Posting on Social Media

Anything you post on social media can be accessed by the insurance company and used against you. Avoid posting about your accident, injuries and recovery. Make all your social media profiles private and do not accept any new friend requests while your claim is open. Also, ask your friends and family not to post about you on their social profiles, or tag you in posts and photos.

Signing Anything Without a Lawyer

You may think that insurance companies have your best interests in mind, but they are in the business of saving themselves money. We recommend that you never sign any forms or accept a settlement offer without first consulting a lawyer. He or she will carefully review each document and take the time to make sure you understand what you are signing. A lawyer will also know how to calculate the value your claim to help secure fair compensation that covers the damages you have suffered.

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