Road Safety Town Hall Meeting Planned for Wednesday in Walkerville

town hall meeting for road safetyCollisions in Windsor have been gradually increasing and authorities say the current rate of injuries from crashes is now twice the provincial average. Fatalities and serious injuries have risen by nine per cent year-over-year.

Road Safety affects everyone who travels on city roadways, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. On Wednesday evening, the community has an opportunity to discuss how the city can take steps to make the roads safer for everyone.

This town hall meeting was triggered by several recent collisions that involved pedestrians. Residents are anxious, looking for solutions and on high alert.

In a statement to Windsor CTV News, Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt says people are driving recklessly on city roads. “Whenever children get injured on our roads, that tends to make people’s blood boil even more so than it already is.”

Who Will Be Attending Wednesday’s Town Hall Meeting?

The town hall meeting in Walkerville is going to be a full house. Windsor police, school board representatives, city traffic and planning divisions and the health unit will all be on site answering questions. Residents are also welcome to attend to share experiences on a more personal level.

Councillor Holt says preventative measures, such as increased speed limit enforcement and improved road design, may help. However, he feels that the greater impact comes down to changes in driver behaviour.

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