REPORT: Tougher Driving Laws In Ontario Have Saved 4,000 Lives

a vehicle speedometerRecently released research from Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine has indicated that tougher driving laws that were introduced in Ontario in 2007, have had a significant and positive impact on auto accident fatality statistics.

With fines reaching $10,000 for drivers that have been caught driving 50 km/h or more above the speed limit along with the potential for Police to impound vehicles and suspend the licenses of at-fault drivers these costly and swift penalties have deterred many drivers from speeding &/or street racing, which has been calculated to have saved more than 4,000 lives on the roads in the region.

In a statement from Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine professor Ms. Evelyn Vingilis:

“It supports the idea of the deterrence theory, of swift penalties…. But the most important thing is more young men are going home to their families.”

In the study, which also used data from Transport Ministry files from 2002 to 2001, was categorized by age and gender and clearly indicated a noticeable decrease in accident fatalities among men in the ages ranging from 16 to 24.

“We looked at suspensions and convictions since the new legislation and before”… Vingilis added. “That tough approach has filtered down to reduce injuries and deaths, saving on average 58 drivers a month, or about 700 a year, from crashes,”

The 2007 law, known as Bill 203 has also given authorities the power to jail offenders for a maximum of six months and will continue to be monitored for it’s effectiveness in reducing auto accident fatalities in the region.

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