Nine Traffic Fatalities Reported in Essex County This Year

Nine vehicle fatalities in Essex CountyOntario Provincial Police (OPP) released statistics today on the number of vehicle fatalities in the region.

So far this year, Essex County OPP has responded to a total of six fatal collisions in 2022. These collisions have resulted in nine deaths. These numbers are only slightly less compared to the same time in 2021, when there were eight fatal vehicle collisions and 12 fatalities.

This report comes out ahead of the start of Canada Road Safety Week, which runs from May 17 through May 23. The event is led by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

Most Vehicle Fatalities in the Province in Years

According to Windsor News, authorities report that on OPP-patrolled roadways in the province this year, there have already been 107 vehicle fatalities. This is the most vehicle fatalities the OPP has seen in a decade. Police say the biggest contributing factors in these crashes are mostly poor driving behaviours and negligence.

The province has not reached or exceeded 100 vehicle fatalities by the second week of May since 2012.

Common Driving Behaviours Causing Preventable Vehicle Deaths

Most of these vehicle crashes could have been prevented but for these leading driving behaviours:

  • Inattentive driving: Fatal crashes related to inattentive drivers are up by 79 percent over last year, resulting in 25 deaths. By this time in 2021, there were 14 vehicle fatalities.
  • Alcohol/drug impairment: This year saw 36 percent more alcohol related deaths than in 2021.
  • Speed-related fatalities: Speed-related collisions resulted, again, in the most fatalities.
  • Failure to buckle up: The number of people not using their seat belts is also resulting in more driver and passenger deaths than last year.

Canada Road Safety Week Campaign 2022

This year, the Canada Road Safety Week campaign focuses on more robust enforcement and education around these and other dangerous driving behaviours. The OPP will participate, along with national policing partners.

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