Greg Monforton & Partners Reach Settlement on Behalf of Windsor Family

Windsor lawyer Greg MonfortonGreg Monforton & Partners is proud to announce that they have reached a financial settlement on behalf of a Windsor family whose lives were forever changed in a 30-vehicle crash along I-75 in Detroit two years ago.

On Jan. 31, 2013, seven-year-old Aidan Hicks and nine-year-old Gabrielle Greenwood lost their lives during a series of collisions. Other passengers were injured, including 10-year-old Hannah Greenwood, her father Glen Greenwood and Aidans mother, Kim Barrett, who suffered serious brain damage.

A court order prevents any of the parties from disclosing the settlement amount and the family has asked that their privacy be respected for the foreseeable future.

The family does thank the community for its support.

The team of personal injury lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners worked hard to fight for the justice the family deserved after the loss of two children and injuries other family members suffered.

“We are disappointed that we cannot share publicly the dollar value of the settlement but we can say that our clients are pleased with the outcome of the case,” said partner Greg Monforton. “More importantly our clients want it known how crucial it is to be on the watch whenever you are driving, especially on a busy highway.”

On the morning of the accident, the family was traveling in their Mazda 6 along I-75 near Springwells in Detroit. A snow squall limited visibility and lead to a chain-reaction of collisions. The family’s sedan was hit on the passenger side by a transport truck.

During the accident investigation, it was revealed that out of the trucks eight axles, four had inoperable braking mechanisms. The truck was nearly two decades old and the black box, which is supposed to record important event data, did not collect any useful information about the crash.

The driver of the truck also had five safety violations in recent years for speeding and following too closely. Michigan authorities have not decided on whether any criminal charges will be filed.