RECALL NOTICE: New GM Recall To Affect More Vehicles In Canada

After issuing a number of recent automotive recalls throughout Canada and the U.S, automaker General Motors has yet again released another recall that is expected to affect more than 145,000 GM vehicles in Canada.

The issues stems from a problem with the power steering systems in some mid-size cars that can cause drivers to experience a sudden loss of power steering assistance. At the time of writing, GM and it’s Canadian subsidiary have not advised if there have been any incidents in the country that have been caused by this defect.

In an emailed statement from company spokesperson Ms. Faye Roberts:

“GM is continuing to review potentially relevant records and no further information is available at this time”

The recall comes at a time when current GM CEO Mary Barra faces a Congressional hearing in the U.S over an ignition issue in certain GM makes that caused vehicles to lose power while in motion. This defect has been linked to a number of deaths including one motorist in Quebec that collided with trees after leaving the roadway in June last year.

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