Government Calling for Changes to Quality of Care Information Protection Act

medical malpracticeHealth and Long Term Care Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins is looking to make big changes to the Quality of Care Information protection Act (QCIPA).

Following an investigation by The Star, Dr. Hoskins revealed that the act will no longer grant hospitals the ability to protect their findings on medical errors.

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Changes to the QCIPA will include the involvement of families in reviews of medical errors, allowing families to call for independent investigations of medical errors, and the creation of a public registry of critical-care incidents at Ontario hospitals. Additionally, the government intends to develop clear guidance on when and how hospitals should use QCIPA.

The QCIPA was reviewed following a family’s tragic loss and their inability to get answers from medical staff about what went wrong.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act does not trump the QCIPA, neither do any other Acts. Unfortunately, this means that families and the public will not know how an incident happened or what is being done to prevent such an incident from happening ever again.

Hoskins told The Star that he owed it to families and local residents to implement changes and strengthen the QCIPA.

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