Greg Monforton & Partners Client Madison Arseneault Returns to School

Greg Monforton & Partners logoWindsor teen Madison Arseneault, who sustained a serious head injury in May 2016 while participating in a school gym class, has recently returned to school.

The young teen was running with her Gordon McGregor Public School’s gym class at the Ford Test Track when she fell on a wire tied to sawed off golf clubs and was impaled in the back of the head by the sharp club. City of Windsor employees were using the clubs and wire to create lines on the field.

Shortly after the accident, Arseneault’s family retained Greg Monforton & Partners partner Jennifer Bezaire to represent the girl in a lawsuit against the City of Windsor and Greater Essex County District School Board.

Arseneault was released from the hospital before Christmas and returned to class after the holiday break.

Bezaire says she has graduated eighth grade and is attending high school class locally. However, she is only able to handle two hours of class per day and is currently a part-time student.

She continues to experience paralysis and pain on her left side and is dealing with cognitive and vision challenges. The young girl still requires 24-hour care despite her progress in her recovery.

Staff at the park have since updated their process for marking the field. They now use thicker and more visible lines and post signs warning visitors to stay off of the field.

Bezaire plans to submit a Statement of Claim in the case soon.