Student’s Skull Tragically Impaled at Ford Test Track

Windsor lawyer Jennifer Bezaire, a partner at Greg Monforton & Partners, Injury Lawyers, has been retained by the family of a Grade 8 student critically injured during a physical education class.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, at approximately 9 a.m., 14-year-old Madison Arseneault was with her Gordon McGregor School gym class, running on the city owned Ford Test Track facility.

Bezaire said: “In a bizarre set of circumstances, the sawed off end of a golf club punctured and fractured Madison’s skull. Madison was rushed to Windsor Regional Hospital where emergency surgery was performed. Madison was then airlifted to the Pediatric Critical Care Unit of Victoria Hospital in London, ON. Madison remains in critical condition at the London hospital.”

Details are still being investigated but it appears workers were marking long, straight chalk lines on a grass infield by tying a low lying wire to a series of sawed off golf clubs. As Madison jogged onto the field she became entangled in the wire and one of the sawed off golf clubs impaled the back of her skull.

Bezaire added: “Madison’s family is devastated and has been at her bedside around the clock since this horrible incident occurred. They want to know what happened but right now their priority is Madison’s well being.”

Bezaire is asking anyone with information pertaining to Madison’s injury or the condition of the infield to contact her as soon as possible. Bezaire said: “We want to help the Arseneault family piece together what happened, and we need the public’s help to do this.”

Ms. Bezaire and the Arseneault family ask witnesses to contact Bezaire at her office ((866) 320-4770). Any and all assistance is appreciated.

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