Jennifer Bezaire Reappointed Sessional Instructor at the University of Windsor

Once again, we are proud to announce that Jennifer Bezaire, a partner at Greg Monforton & Partners, has been appointed to the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law as a sessional instructor.

This is a reappointment of the position that Jennifer held last year. We were thrilled with her accomplishments last year, and we are proud to witness Jennifer continue to build on her teaching successes from last year. She will be instructing advanced law students in the auto insurance course. 

From all of the staff at Greg Monforton & Partners, we congratulate Jennifer on her accomplishment, and wish her all of the best as she continues to excel as a sessional instructor. 

To learn more about Jennifer’s legal representation and her scholarly activities, please visit her full biography.

At Greg Monforton & Partners, we believe the best way to ensure justice for future generations is to teach, train and invest in the brightest and best legal minds that are just joining the profession.