Harrow Man Seriously Injured in Snowmobile Crash

Fiery Snowbmobile Crash on River Canard

The cause of a serious snowmobile crash is under investigation by Amherstburg Police, but speed is believed to be a contributing factor.

Authorities say a Harrow man suffered severe injuries when the snowmobile he was driving slammed into a train bridge and burst into flames. It happened on River Canard near the 2nd Concession. Authorities say the force of the impact was so intense that the 25-year-old rider was ejected as the machine burst into flames.

 Police are still unsure about whether alcohol was involved in the accident.   

Grim Reminder

It’s a grim reminder that snowmobile riders need to be safe and exercise caution at all times. Drinking alcohol before snowmobiling or during your ride slows your reactions, impairs your judgment, and is a leading contributor to snowmobiling deaths. It is completely irresponsible and can have dire consequences.

Snowmobile Insurance is Mandatory by Law in Canada

Snowmobiles are powerful machines, and if you do not take care you could cause serious injury to yourself or others. Just like with a car, snowmobile insurance is mandatory by law in Canada. While common sense is essential, its also important to be aware of your surroundings and make sure your sled is in good working condition.

Make sure you are aware of the laws regarding snowmobile use. Make sure your registration and insurance papers are in order before riding.

  • You also want to be sure that you are operating a machine that is the right size for you. You are asking for trouble if you give someone more horsepower than they can handle.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • When operating on lakes or rivers, ensure that ice is at least 25 cm thick.
  • Its also a good rule of thumb to avoid riding at night in unfamiliar terrain.

Always tell another person where you plan on riding before departing. This way, if you don’t come back as scheduled, they will know where to start looking.

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