Ontario Railway Crossings Among Country’s 25 Worst

railroad crossingFour Ontario railroad crossings have been identified among the 25 most accident-prone railway crossings in the country. A CBC News investigation to determine the 25 most dangerous crossings found significant design flaws throughout Canada.

Ontario railroad crossings included on the list are:

  • St. George Street in London
  • Wilson Street in Woodstock
  • Oakwood Street in Ingersoll
  • Cochrane Road in Hamilton

The investigation found that most dangerous railroad crossings lack advance warning signs, automated gate arms, bells, pedestrian gates and flashing lights. Many also have diminished sightlines for motorists, overgrown vegetation and unclear road signs.

According to the Transportation Safety Board, nearly two-thirds of 17,000 public crossings that are under monitored by the federal government are passively protected.

For the investigation, CBC News analyzed data from more the 3,500 accidents included in the TSB’s railroad accident database, which aims to detail every train accident involving vehicles and pedestrians dating back to 2000.

The data is submitted by railroad operators and include date, time and location of accidents along with a summary of the incident and the injuries that resulted. The data revealed that more than 460 people have been killed at railroad crossings since the databases’ record-keeping first began.

Railroad Crossing Dangers

Warning signals are an important part of ensuring motorist and pedestrian safety around trains. If these are missing, the risk of a vehicle or pedestrian being struck by a train is greatly increased and can cause death and devastating injuries.

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