Windsor Councillor Says Effective Change Needed to Slow Traffic

effective change to slow traffic Following two recent traffic incidents where children were struck by vehicles within days of each other, residents are requesting immediate efforts to improve safety and slow traffic down.

Windsor’s Ward 4 City Councillor says he has received a flood of calls from residents after these two latest traffic incidents involving children. He admits that residents are voicing their concerns about people speeding through their neighborhoods and demanding new traffic measures to slow traffic down.

Councillor Chris Holt agrees something must be done about people speeding. However, he does not believe adding more speed bumps or four-way stops is the way forward.

Holt says that the way to address the real issue is to effect cultural change. He believes that, while difficult, “a change in attitude is more effective.”

According to Holt in Windsor News Today, there have already been many measures taken to attempt to slow traffic down in some cities. Walkerville, for instance, which already has narrow streets, has added street parking and frequent stops. However, he believes that without a change in attitude, no real change in speeding habits will take place.

Will There Be Increased Enforcement?

Holt says he does not argue the point of employing police enforcement. However, he also does not believe that approach is a sustainable solution to addressing the overall problem.

Councillor Calls for Cultural Change to Slow Traffic

Holt plans to schedule a public meeting to bring together various parties to discuss next steps. He believes gathering concerned residents, police, staff and school board officials together will provide opportunities for brainstorming, discussion and planning. Public education will also need to be a big part of traffic safety measures going forward.

Holt says that while his plans are yet in the early stages, “we all need to be on board for it.”

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