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Toronto Cyclists Face New Danger, Getting Doored

A recent investigation by the police services board has found that between Nov. 2013 and Aug. 2014, police received more than 60 reports of bicyclists being doored, wherein a stopped car suddenly opens its door and hits a cyclist. In 2012 and 2013, Toronto… Read More

Windsor Police to Focus on Bicycle Safety through Saturday

The Windsor Police, backed by the Windsor Bicycling Committee, is conducting a bicycle safety campaign that will run through July 19. The campaign targets drivers and cyclists. The goal of the campaign is to encourage both cyclists and drivers to follow… Read More

Another Victim Claimed: Bicycles Prove Dangerous Transportation for Migrant Workers

48-year-old husband and father Alejandro Rivera Marquez, a migrant worker from Puebla, a Mexican state in the southeast region, is the latest victim of a bicycle accident in Leamington and Kingsville. He is in critical condition. He lies in Hotel-Dieu… Read More