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Canadians Support Criminalizing Texting and Driving

A new survey by insurance company Kanetix.ca and polling firm Leger Marketing revealed that eight out of 10 Canadians believe that texting and driving should be criminalized. More than 50 percent believe that any form of distracted driving should be illegal. Just… Read More

Greg Monforton Discusses Distracted Driver Fine Increase On CBC News

With a recent decision having been made to increase the fines imposed on distracted drivers throughout Ontario, our very own Greg Monforton was asked by CBC News to weigh in on the topic and provide some valuable insight on the subject. To view the entire… Read More

Possible Manslaughter Charge For New Jersey Motorist Michael Dalessio

A New Jersey man involved in a head-on crash that took the life of a Windsor woman may soon face trial on a charge of vehicular manslaughter. Michael Dalessio, 31, appeared in court this month in Warren County, New Jersey, according to The Express-Times. Hes… Read More

Girl Hit By Car Suffers Minor Injuries

A young girl was transported to hospital after being struck by a vehicle in central Windsor Saturday afternoon. Police said a six-year-old girl collided with a vehicle headed southbound in the 2100 block of Dougall Avenue shortly after noon. Northbound… Read More

Transport Canada Investigating Accident That May Be Tied to GM Recall

As more and more information regarding the GM recall continues to come out, Transport Canada is investigating a fatal car accident that may be linked to the same ignition switch failure that led to 12 deaths in the United States. According to the federal… Read More

Drivers Want Changes Made to Highway 7 Intersection

In January 2014, a freight train crashed into a semi-trailer at the intersection of Highway 7 and Wellington Road 29. Although there were no serious personal injuries, townsfolk called for increased safety measures at the intersection. The space between… Read More

The Number 1 Distraction For Drivers Is Texting

When it comes to safety on our roads, it's not just your own driving that you need to pay attention to, but also the actions of other people behind the wheel. Defensive driving is an important part of keeping our roads and streets safe for the mix of… Read More

Car Nearly Lands In Detroit River After Flipping Over Riverside Drive Guard Rail

Details of a serious accident have just been released by Windsor Police, which involved three people being trapped in a vehicle that flipped over a guard rail on Riverside Drive and almost resulted in the vehicle landing in the Detroit River, early on… Read More

Four Auto Standards You'll Only Find in Canada

Standards for automobiles, safety equipment and child safety states can differ from country to country and in Canada, the auto standards are uniquely their own. Transport Canada is responsible for creating and regulating safety standards in an effort… Read More

Two Injured In Wellesley Township Collision

Waterloo Regional Police (RLP) have just released details on a serious, two vehicle accident that occurred on Hutchison Avenue just north of Wellesley Township on Wednesday afternoon. According to sources, the accident involved a minivan and a pickup… Read More