What You Need to Know About Avoiding Bicycle Accidents at Windsor Intersections

bicyclist signaling a turnIntersections are dangerous for drivers and bicycle riders alike. There is so much activity and many people are not paying enough attention or exercising enough caution.

Whether you are a driver or bicyclist, you can benefit from learning more about dangerous intersections in Windsor and what you can do to lower your risk of a collision. This includes reviewing right-of-way laws governing intersections.

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Dangerous Intersections For Bicyclists in Windsor

Just about any intersection can be dangerous for bicycle riders. However, some may be more dangerous than others. This includes:

  • Lauzon Parkway and Tecumseh Road East
  • Tecumseh Road East and Windsor Avenue
  • Walker Road and Ypres Avenue
  • Drouillard Road and Wyandotte Street East
  • Tecumseh Road East and Howard Avenue
  • Dougall Avenue and West Grand Boulevard
  • Tecumseh Road East and Forest Glade Drive

If you can, you should try to avoid these intersections. Otherwise, exercise extreme caution and do not assume other drivers will do the same. In fact, you should assume drivers are likely to be negligent. Take the proper precautions to reduce your risk of a crash.

Rules of the Road at Ontario Intersections

Bicyclists must obey many of the same rules of the road as drivers:

  • Riders are required to follow all traffic signals and road signs.
  • Although riders do not have turn signals on their bikes, they are required to use hand signals when they want to turn.
  • Both bicycle riders and drivers need to be cautious when passing/overtaking other vehicles.
  • Bicyclists and drivers must also stay to the right side of the road unless they are directed to do otherwise.
  • Riders must come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign.

However, there are some rules that are specific to bicycle riders. For example:

  • Bicyclists are not allowed to ride inside a crosswalk. They must get off their bikes and walk through the crosswalk. The exception to this rule is when there is no traffic control signal at the intersection. In these situations, you can ride your bicycle within the crosswalk.
  • Bicyclists have the right to ride in a lane with traffic unless they are traveling slower than the normal flow of traffic. If they are traveling slower than traffic, they need to ride close to the right-hand curb.
  • Riders are permitted to pass vehicles on the right, but only when it is reasonably safe to do so.

Tips on Avoiding a Bicycle Crash at an Intersection

You cannot count on drivers to be cautious, especially when they are turning or moving through an intersection. That is why it is up to you as a bicycle rider to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to lower your risk of an accident.

For example, you might reach an intersection at the same time as another driver. Both of you want to turn right and the if the light is green, the driver is required to allow you to turn first. However, drivers may not know that. Even if they do, they might not look for bicyclists before turning.

That is why you should not automatically assume it is safe to make the turn. See if you can make eye contact with the driver. That way you know the driver sees you. If the driver slows down or stops, you will know it is safe to proceed.

Even though you have the right to ride in a traffic lane, as you approach a red light at an intersection, you may want to move to the right side of the lane. When you stop, look behind you to make sure the approaching cars are slowing down. Drivers may be distracted, and they might not see you, so if you are off to the side of the lane, you may be able to avoid a collision.

Wearing bright, reflective clothing can help to make you more visible to drivers. This is important because drivers are not used to looking for bicyclists. One of the main reasons for bicycle vs. car crashes is that drivers did not see riders.

Seeking Compensation After a Bicycle Crash in Windsor

Do you know how to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered in a bicycle crash?

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Bicycle crashes often cause catastrophic injuries to riders. This is because they have little to no protection – helmets can only do so much to lower the risk of an injury.

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