Tips for Avoiding a Crash on Your Next Bicycle Ride in Windsor

going for a bicycle rideSummer is great time to ride your bicycle. It is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors and save some money on your transportation expenses.

However, you need to be careful on the roads because there is always a risk of an accident involving a motor vehicle, even in low-traffic areas.

If you were injured in an accident while riding a bicycle, turn to our Windsor bicycle accident lawyers for help pursuing compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Request a free, no obligation consultation today.

These bicycle safety tips will help protect you while riding this summer.

Staying Safe on a Bike Ride

When riding your bike this summer, whether it is to travel to and from work or just for leisure, practice these safety tips to help reduce the risk of an accident.

Stay Alert

Avoid all distractions while biking, as they can limit your awareness of surroundings and hazards. Do not:

  • Wear headphones
  • Have cellphone conversations
  • Text on your cellphone

Make Sure Others Hear You

Bicycles are very quiet, especially compared to automobile traffic. It is important to make sure motorists, pedestrians and other bicyclists know you are approaching and are aware of your intended moves. Whenever you are approaching or passing a car or pedestrian, try to alert them to your presence with your bell or horn, hand signals or by using your voice.

Practice signaling and riding with one hand so you will be comfortable giving signals when needed and be able to keep control of your bike.

Never Bike Under the Influence

Biking while under the influence of drugs or alcohol puts you at a greater risk of accident and injury. Certain prescription and over-the-counter medications can also impair your riding ability, even when taken correctly. Always be mindful of this before you go for a ride on your bicycle.

Ride in a Straight Line

When riding a bike in traffic, always ride in a straight line. You can do this by keeping your arms and upper body still and allowing your legs to keep you in motion. If you move your upper body too much, it is more difficult to travel in a straight line.

Practice Shoulder Checking

You should always shoulder check before making a turn in traffic. Look back over your shoulder so you can see what other vehicles are doing.

Scan the Roadway

While you ride, always be looking at the road ahead of you so you can identify hazards or the potential errors of others, giving yourself enough time to maneuver to avoid them. Other motorists may not see you on a bicycle, so make sure you see them. Steer clear of debris in the road, potholes and other roadway hazards that could throw you off your bike.

Slow Down and Use Your Brakes

When a hazard arises, you may need to brake quickly. Take care when doing so to prevent your bike from flipping.

Travel at a safe speed that gives you ample time to react to cars or other hazards and use your brakes if necessary. If it is raining, you will need more time to stop, so reduce your speed accordingly.

Contact a Lawyer for Help

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