Windsor’s Most Dangerous Intersections for Bicyclists

Windsor bicycle laneA study presented to the Windsor City Council on Monday revealed the city’s most dangerous intersections for bicyclists. The council also agreed to spend $20,000 on an engineering study to determine how to make these intersections safer.

According to the report, there were 496 collisions involving cyclists in Windsor between 2011 and 2015. Of those, two were fatal, 410 led to non-fatal injuries, 64 caused only property damage and 20 were minor accidents that were classified as non-reportable.

The intersection at Lauzon Parkway and Tecumseh Road East topped the list as the most dangerous intersection with seven collisions during the study period.

Tecumseh Road East and Windsor Avenue came in second along with Drouillard Road and Wyandotte Street East. Both intersections had five collisions involving bicycles.

The intersection at Walker Road and Ypres Avenue came in fourth with four collisions involving bicycles during the study period.

Another dozen unidentified intersections tied for fifth place.

After hearing the data, the City Council approved the recommendation to spend $20,000 to conduct safety audits of the four most treacherous intersections.

Lori Newton with Bike Windsor Essex is encouraged by the effort to improve safety for cyclists, but believes that more can be done. She hoped the council would approve a pilot project to paint bike lanes at one or more of the intersections, stating it is a low-cost way to monitor change.

Newtown noted that green bike boxes that designate a space for cyclists to wait in front of cars at a red light have been successful in many cities and could be an asset to Windsor.

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