Aggressive Dog That Injured 80-Year-Old Must Be Dealt With

Police and animal control officers responded to an incident near Harrow on Thursday following a dog biting an 80-year-old man.  The man said he was trying to stop a fight between two dogs. This dog which caused the fighting had broken through a screen door and attacked a woman’s German Shepherd-Labrador mix.

The 80-year-old man had responded to the screaming and came over to the house to help; he had received stitches for the dog bite injuries. This neighbor’s dog had also attacked and killed the same woman’s West Highland white terrier the previous October, which resulted in the owner of the dog restraining the dog by attaching a leash to her patio.

Our dog bite lawyers want to advise members of our community that it is necessary to properly train and socialize our animals to avoid accidents such as this from occurring. We must also remember that dogs are prey animals by nature, thus when they are not properly trained or socialized, they may injure or kill other animals and humans.

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