Auto Insurers Deny Accident Victims Payment for PSW Claims

Windsor lawyer Joanna Sweet, a partner at the law firm Greg Monforton & Partners, Injury Lawyers, is speaking out against the refusal of Economical Insurance (“Economical”) and Coachman Insurance (“Coachman”) to pay market rates charged by Personal Support Workers (PSWs).

Sweet said: “Our firm represents many people who have been horribly injured in car crashes. Auto insurers are supposed to be there for them to ensure they get proper care and treatment when they are released from hospital”.

A seriously injured person returning home from hospital typically requires attendant care to ensure maximum recovery. A PSW provides this care, charging $30 to $40 per hour. Economical and Coachman, relying on an outdated government rate schedule, will only pay rates that can be below minimum wage. However, Ontario government guidelines permit insurance companies to pay market rates to PSWs. Many auto insurers follow those guidelines. Sadly, Economical and Coachman refuse to follow those guidelines and will only approve amounts so low that no PSW will accept the work assignment and the accident victim is denied needed care.

Two clients affected by this injustice have agreed to publicly release details of their injuries and needed attendant care at a news conference at the offices of Greg Monforton & Partners on Wednesday, August 23 at 11:00 a.m. Ms. Sweet will present details and answer questions on behalf of her two clients, each of whom requires mobility aids and significant PSW care.

“Refusing these people required treatment is not only wrong, it produces horrible outcomes because they are left without needed assistance while trying to recover from severe injuries. Most insurers understand that and pay the market rate…but not Economical and Coachman”, Sweet said.

Ironically, Sweet notes, the Economical website states: “We’re always here to help. When you need to make a claim, our team will look after all the details so you can focus on getting your life back to normal”.

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Joanna Sweet – Partner