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medical record violation lawyersMedical records are used as a system of documentation of a patients medical history, along with the history of care that individual received by a particular health care provider. These records typically include notes entered by health care professionals including; observations, drugs administered, therapies, test results, and x-rays.

At Greg Monforton and Partners, our medical malpractice lawyers believe that if someone is suffering from an injury due to medical malpractice, these individuals have a right to obtain all medical records. Our lawyers will seek the maximum compensation benefits for all injuries, lost compensation, loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering associated with each individual case.

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What Do Medical Records Include?

Since the time we are born medical professionals have kept a medical history of every time we visit our doctors office.  These medical records include all minor and major illnesses, diseases, and growth landmark, which provide doctors with information about previous occurrences to that patient.

Some information in our medical records includes:

Family History

This lists the health status of immediate family members along with their causes of death, even if it is unknown. This may list common diseases in the family or only found in one sex or another. The family history chart can be a great asset when predicting certain outcomes for patients.

Growth Chart and Developmental History

This is used for children and teens to document how they compare to other children of a similar age. It can assist a physician to follow a child’s growth pattern over the course of their lifetime. Often times, diseases and social stressors will affect growth; this can help to pinpoint certain illnesses. Further behaviors are also documented to compare growth with other children of that age group.


Particular habits may be documented relating to alcohol intake, tobacco use, diet, exercise, sexual habits and sexual orientation.

Immunization History

Immunization history includes a history of your vaccinations and any blood tests proving immunity.

Medications and Medical Allergies

This section will typically contain a brief summer of an individuals current and previous medications along with any medical related allergies.

Obstetric History

Obstetric history includes a list of pregnancies and their outcomes, including any complications which may have occurred.

Social History

Social history includes relationships of the patient, careers, schooling, and religious training. This is helpful to understand the types of communities which may support that individual during different types of illnesses. This can also help to explain certain behaviors during the loss or illness of a loved one, and also present clues of the causes of certain illnesses.

Surgical History

Surgical history demonstrates all the types of surgeries that have been performed to that individual. This includes the dates of operations, reports, and a narrative on what the surgeon did.

It is your legal right to obtain these medical records at any time you wish, while the sooner you are able to obtain these medical records while forming a case, the better.

Obtaining Medical Records

In nearly all provinces and territories legislation governs the administration of hospitals which gives its patients the legal right to access any of their own hospital records. In 1992 the Supreme Court of Canada issued a landmark decision which clarified that patients have the right to obtain their medical documents.

The Supreme Court ruled that the doctor is the owner of the actual written record, however the patient possess the right to access all information contained in these documents. This was essentially stemmed from the relationship between doctor and patient which is based on trust, and imposes on the physicians obligation to act in good faith and loyalty towards the patient, and act in best interest of the patient.

Of course, there are certain circumstances when a patient may not have the right to access their own medical records; however this is only true in exceptional circumstances. Our Lawyers are well educated in these circumstances and can guide you in the right direction when obtaining these critical documents.

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The medical malpractice lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners have decades of experience handling medical malpractice cases and can assist you in obtaining these medical documents. Our Windsor lawyers will develop a robust case against these negligent and injury causing individuals or entities, and seek in obtaining the MAXIMUM compensation benefits for your losses and damages.

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