Recalls of Hazardous Children’s Products

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Each year, many children become seriously injured as a result of recalled products. While many of these products we may rely on as being safe, flawless, and not able to result in injuries or death to our children. It is unfortunate that this is not always true, and several dangerous children’s products enter the market each and every day, while many of these products may result in a trip to the local emergency room.

At Greg Monforton & Partners, our product liability lawyers believe that if your child has suffered from a serious injury from a recalled product, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses and damages. Our legal team is prepared to work tirelessly for you in order to obtain the maximum compensation benefits you deserve.

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Common Children Product Recalls

While there is a large market for children’s products, many of these products may not be as safe as we think. Therefore, our lawyers have gathered information regarding common children product recalls and advise everyone to research all products prior to making a purchase. The following includes common children product recalls:

Baby Walker Recalls

Numerous baby walkers have been recalled as they often offer poor designs which enable babies to slip through doorways and fall down staircases without any safeguards. Recently, a High Chair was recalled that was associated with 24 injuries due to brackets and screws coming loose allowing children to fall from the chair.

Car Seats

Many car seats have been recalled as a result of having faulty designs which may cause injuries, in addition to having defective parts. It is also recommended to follow the proper guidelines regarding when to adjust your child to a new car seat, booster seat, or adult seat belt.


According to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, 32 children have died as a result of hardware on cribs failing, thus resulting in the infant becoming trapped between the mattress and the crib frame. Additionally, millions of cribs have been recalled by manufacturers along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission as a result of dangerous and defective designs.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that over 45 children have died as a result of lids on containers being used to store toys causing children to fall on their heads and necks. In fact, the CPSC and Target have recalled a woven storage trunk following the lid falling on an 18 month old child, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury.


Each year across the United States, an average of 830 children under the age of 14 die as a result of unintentional drowning. Thus, drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages five and under. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled a baby float due to the straps failing increasing the potential of the baby drowning.

Sling Carrier

In a study done by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it found that sling carriers may cause suffocation as newborn babies have no strength to hold their head up. This design is not intended for infants, thus resulting in several recalled products.


Toys which offer removable parts which can easily be swallowed by children offer great choking hazards and have resulted in the leading cause of injury for children. This has resulted in many products being recalled across Canada.

By recalling products, it is taking one step in the right direction to prevent injuries, while product liability lawsuits are also a means to deter manufacturers from producing products which could potentially cause injuries or deaths to children. If your child has suffered from injures due to a recalled product, we invite you to contact our lawyers today.

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